Cover iPhone XS Max flamenco rosso cover iphone Le migliori cover Creative ways to use dates in Smar-iPhone X: le migliori cover e custodie per proteggerlo-cfniro

We have a basic tutorial for how to use Smart Folders on Mac if you’re just getting CLASSIC CAR VOLKSWAGEN Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 started. But if you’ve used Smart Folders before, you might be interested in additional ways Letter Clear Phone Case Cover IPhone 11 Pro – Patriots ProShop these handy folders can be even more useful.

Smart Folders with dates on MacCreate a Smart FolderSave AROYI Cover iPhone 11 PRO + Pellicola Protettiva in Vetro the dateCreated dateLast modified dateLast opened dateSave or simply searchCreate a Smart FolderEach of the suggestions below cover iphone 11 pro flirting glitter – Chiara Ferragni Collection will start the same DEVIN BOOKER PHOENIX SUNS Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 way; creating a Smart Folder. With Finder active or open, click File > New Apple iPhone 11 Pro Cover rossa "Velvet Touch" in silicone per Smart Folder from the menu bar.

You’ll then start entering the conditions we explain below. Again, you can review our Smart Folders tutorial for more detail on how it all works.

Save the dateYou can find many items pertaining to dates to help you GAME OF THRONES LOGO 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 keep up with work, school, and home. Whether it’s items you created, modified, or last opened, you can use a Smart Folder to track them down.

The date attributes range from Content modified to Date received to Used date. So, you may have to click the Other option in the first drop down box for a condition to add the Attributes for the dates we’ll use.

Tip: Pop the word Date into the Cover iPhone 11 personalizzate – Personalizzalo search box iPhone SECover iPhone 4"Design e Cover iPhone 5SE for the list of attributes to see all those related to dates.

For selecting the date or range, you have a ton of flexibility. You can select from several quick options like today, yesterday, this week, this month, or this year.

But you can also use options like “within last” X number of days/weeks/months/years, “exactly” for a specific The Joker Killing Joke Cover iPhone 11 SkinDC Comics date, or “before” or “after” a CORVETTE CAR LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 certain date.

Created dateSo FENDER GUITAR AMPLIFIER 3 Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 if you want to find a Tikytek – Custodia Flip Orizzontale Per Apple Iphone 7 47 Pollici certain CUSTODIA PURO DA POLSO RUNNING BAND APPLE iPHONE 5/5s/5sE BLU type of item that you created within a date range, this is easy.

For the first condition, in the Name drop down, pick Cover iPhone 5S Spigen Cover iPhone 5 / SE [Silicone Gel Cover Created date. (You can also pick VRS Damda Glide Cover con Carta Titolare per iPhone 11 Pro Max Created which applies to when Apple MWYM2ZM/A custodia per iPhone 11 Pro Pro 147 cm (5.8) Cover a file was created whereas Created date refers to when the contents were created.)

Let’s say you want genuine italian leather hard case fit for iphone 5s 5c 5se cover to see all of the PDFs created this year. You would use these criteria:

Created date is this yearKind is PDF

Or maybe what you need is all of the PDFs created this year for press kits or press releases. You would use these criteria:

Created date is this yearKind is PDFName contains “press” which will find PDFs with “press” in the name for press kits and press releases

Last modified dateSometimes using the date that an item was last modified is the way to go.

For the first condition, in the Name drop down, pick Last modified date.

Say you want to see the JPEG images modified in the last few days. You would use these criteria:

Last modified date is within last 3 daysKind is Image JPEG

But then you need to narrow Jual hard case huanmin original cover Murah dan TerlengkapBukalapak it down further because you only want those with a certain word in the name, for our example, “Mac”. You would use these criteria:

Last modified date is within last 3 daysKind is Image JPEGName contains Mac

Last opened dateThe last opened date can be useful for many situations.

One scenario is if you’re trying to do some cleanup on your Phone Case cover Iphone 11 pro Max iphone 11 pro Huawei P30 Pro Mac. Maybe you spotted an application or two you forgot about. If you have opened it in ages, it might just be the time to get rid of it.

For the first condition, in the Name drop down, pick Last opened date.

You might want to see the apps you opened in the last month. You would use these criteria:

Last opened date is this monthKind is Application

On the other hand, maybe you just DODGE DEMON LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 need to see all of the folders you opened yesterday because you can’t Gym Arm Band Sports Running Case Cover Iphone 4 4s 5 5c 5s 5se 6 recall the name of a folder you need today. You would use these criteria:..

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